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The transfer was arranged by Loeb, then a captain, in an attempt to keep himself and his fellow corrupt cops from being exposed. Loeb threatens the future Wrath's life in order to force Gordon to comply with the transfer.

Gordon later transfers back to Gotham around the same time Batman starts his career. While still a lieutenant, Gordon convinces Loeb's successor to implement the Bat-Signal as a means to contact Batman and also to frighten criminals.

It is around this time that the first Robin , Dick Grayson , becomes Batman's sidekick. Gordon initially disapproves of Batman recruiting a child to fight dangerous criminals, but soon grows to not only accept the boy but trust him as much as he does Batman.

Gordon quickly rises to the rank of commissioner after he and Batman weed out corruption within the department. After the death of his brother and sister-in-law, he adopts his niece, Barbara.

Soon after he adopts Barbara, he divorces his wife, who returned to Chicago with their son James Jr. Gordon quickly deduces the heroine's true identity, and attempts to confront her about it, going so far as to search her bedroom for proof.

However, he was semi-tricked out of this belief, when Batman after sanctioning Batgirl officially had Robin dress up as Batgirl while Barbara is on the roof with her father.

Gordon would continue to believe his daughter is indeed Batgirl, but would not confront her about it again, until years later. He then cages Gordon in the freak show of an abandoned amusement park and forces him to look at enlarged photos of his wounded daughter in an effort to drive him insane , thus proving to Batman that even seemingly normal people can lose their minds after having "one bad day".

Batman eventually apprehends the Joker and rescues Gordon. Despite the intense trauma he has endured, Gordon's sanity and ethical code are intact; he insists that Batman apprehend the Joker without harming him in order to "show him that our way works".

Soon after Sarah Essen returns to Gordon's life, they rekindle their romance and get engaged. However, Essen cannot comprehend why Gordon needs Batman so much, which occasionally puts a strain on their relationship.

Later, Gordon suffered a heart attack; his constant smoking over the years has weakened his heart. This event later lead DC Comics to partner with the American Heart Association to create a PSA to raise awareness of the danger of tobacco smoking and how it would threaten one's health.

Batman saves James Jr. For a brief period following the Knightfall and Prodigal storylines, Gordon is removed from his post as commissioner and replaced by his own wife, due partly to his own disinclination to trust Batman after two substitutes — Jean-Paul Valley and Dick Grayson — assume the role and do not bother to tell him about the switch.

The No Man's Land storyline takes place after Gotham is destroyed by an earthquake and isolated from outside assistance. Inside Gotham, Gordon struggles to maintain order in the midst of a crime wave.

Batman is mysteriously absent for the initial three months, and Gordon feels betrayed. He forges an uneasy alliance with Two-Face , but the partnership does not last; Two-Face kidnaps Gordon, putting him on trial for breaking their "legally binding" alliance.

Gordon escapes, however, and later meets with Batman once again. In this confrontation, Gordon berates Batman for letting Gotham "fall into ruin".

Batman offers to prove his trust by revealing his secret identity, but Gordon refuses to look when Batman removes his mask.

Eventually, the two repair their friendship. An enraged Gordon barely restrains himself from killing Joker, shooting the Joker's knee instead.

Though seriously injured, he survives, and eventually makes a full recovery. Gordon retires from the police force after having served for more than 20 years.

He remains in Gotham, and occasionally enjoys nighttime visits from Batman. Despite being retired, Gordon often finds himself drawn to a series of life-and-death circumstances, such as the Joker sending him flowers during Last Laugh , or being contacted by the temporarily reformed Harvey Dent to stop Batman from killing the Joker, to being kidnapped by Francis Sullivan, grandson of one of Gotham's notorious serial killers , during the Made of Wood [4] storyline.

After the attack by Sullivan, Batman gives Gordon an encrypted cellphone , the so-called Batphone , in case he needs to contact him, which also carries a transmitter in case of trouble.

After Barbara requires surgery to counter the life-threatening effects of the Brainiac virus, Gordon visits her in Metropolis.

She reveals to him her current role as Oracle, as well as her past as Batgirl. Gordon admits that he knew of her life as Batgirl, but is pleasantly surprised to know of her second career as Oracle.

The circumstances behind this are currently unknown, though there have been allusions to extreme corruption within the GCPD.

These allusions are supported by events within Gotham Central , especially involving Detective Jim Corrigan.

He is taken to the hospital in time. During the Blackest Night crossover, while mourning the passing of the original Batman, who was apparently killed in action during Final Crisis , Gordon and his daughter witness Green Lantern crash into the Bat-Signal, after being assaulted by a reanimated version of the deceased Martian Manhunter.

It is later shown that Alfred Pennyworth tends his wounds Gordon is unconscious, thus protecting the team's secret identities along with Barbara's at the bunker's infirmary.

In this new timeline, Jim Gordon is still the commissioner of the GCPD and a former Marine but is younger than his traditional portrayal; he still has the red hair and mustache from Batman: Year One.

He is still married to his wife Barbara, and he and Barbara are the biological parents of Barbara "Babs" Gordon aka Batgirl. During the Forever Evil storyline, commissioner Gordon enters Blackgate Penitentiary in order to save the warden.

In Batman Eternal , the storyline begins when Gordon is tricked into shooting at an unarmed suspect in an underground train station, resulting in a train derailing and Gordon being arrested.

Following Bruce Wayne's apparent death in battle with the Joker during the events of Batman 40, [17] Gordon took up the mantle of Batman using a mecha style suit to fight crime in Gotham City.

He also notes that this is "the worst idea in the history of Gotham", as he suits up, [18] but agreed to the offer when various sources argued that there was nobody else capable of understanding Gotham the way Batman had done over the years, Gordon contemplating the merits of a Batman who works with the system rather than outside it.

Despite Gordon's best efforts, political issues in the department result in new villain Mr. Bloom destroying his armour and mounting a massive assault on Gotham, prompting the amnesic Bruce Wayne- ironically inspired by a conversation with the equally-amnesic Joker- to try and reclaim his role as Batman.

In December , DC Comics ended the Rebirth branding, opting to include everything under a larger DC Universe banner and naming, and Gordon continues to be featured in Detective Comics and the third volume of Batman.

In most versions of the mythos, Gordon is ignorant of Batman's identity. There is usually the implication that Gordon is smart enough to solve the mystery, but chooses not to in order to preserve Batman's effectiveness and maintain his own plausible deniability.

In the Batman film, Gordon explicitly states his desire not to know for just such a reason. In the pre- Crisis era, a story Batman 71 shows Gordon trying to uncover Batman's identity merely for his own satisfaction, but Batman discovers Gordon's scheme and skillfully outwits him.

A later story in the s shows Gordon giving a bedridden Bruce Wayne who had contracted a nearly fatal fever as Batman "Chinese oranges", a natural treatment for the fever.

Later, Bruce opines to Dick Grayson if it is possible that Gordon is beginning to suspect Batman's identity.

In Batman: Year One , Gordon claims not to see the unmasked Batman well whom his wife at that time, Barbara, also sees because he doesn't have his glasses on.

Gordon suspects early on that Bruce Wayne may be Batman, though he never follows up on his suspicions, although Sarah Essen is correct in her suspicions, even guessing Bruce's motivation.

In Batman: The Animated Series , Gordon has implied he deliberately avoids deep investigation on the subject of Batman or Batgirl's identity.

Likewise, in the s Detective Comics storyline Blind Justice , the world at large incorrectly supposes Batman is dead and Gordon comments to Bruce Wayne that Batman has earned the right to retirement if he so desires.

He then rather pointedly asks Bruce's advice on whether or not he should reveal that Batman still lives. When Hugo Strange attempted to determine Batman's identity early in his career in a story written in the post- Crisis era , he began his research by focusing on muggings and murders committed in the last few years based on the idea that Batman was prompted into his current role by a traumatic loss as a result of criminal activity, prompting Gordon- upon learning of Strange's research- to reflect that Strange had already made a mistake as he was underestimating the physical demands that would be required for Batman to have reached his current level of skill by looking at crimes committed such a short time ago, suggesting that Gordon had already considered such an avenue of investigation even if he may or may not have followed it up.

A chronologically later storyline involving Strange pre-Crisis involved Alfred being hospitalized as part of Strange's scheme, and during a conversation between Gordon and Batman over the phone after Strange's defeat, Gordon pointedly tells Batman to inform an unnamed 'mutual acquaintance' that Gordon has checked on the acquaintance's friend in hospital and the doctors expect a full recovery.

Gordon refuses to look at him after he removes the cowl, however, stating that if he wanted to know Batman's identity, he could have figured it out years ago, and even cryptically saying, "And for all you know, maybe I did.

During the Hush story arc, while working with Superman , Batman discusses whether or not Perry White has figured out Superman's secret identity.

Theorizing that White is too good a reporter to not have figured it out, he draws the same comparison to himself and Gordon, stating that Gordon is too good a cop to not have figured it out.

In that same story arc, Gordon, in an attempt to stop Batman from killing the Joker, tells Batman to remember who his role models are his parents and the beliefs they instilled in him.

As well, he asks Batman to remember who and what made him who he is, a rather obvious reference to the criminal who gunned down his parents in front of him, suggesting that Gordon knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

Barbara reveals her identities to her father in Birds of Prey Gordon then reveals that he was well aware of her status as the first Batgirl all along, though he purposefully avoided looking into what she was doing after she was paralyzed.

Batman chides her for revealing herself, saying it was a mistake, but she counters that, while he taught her to fight criminals, it was her father who taught her to be human.

In Blackest Night: Batman , Gordon is present when Deadman refers to the current Batman as "Grayson" and after the current Robin took Gordon and his daughter to the new Batman's underground base.

It is implied that Gordon is unconscious when they meet Alfred Pennyworth. At the conclusion of Batman: The Black Mirror , Gordon strongly implies to Dick Grayson that he is aware of the secret identities of Grayson and the Waynes, when he thanks Grayson for everything he had done for him over the course of the story.

Grayson attempts to brush this off, thinking Gordon meant only the forensic assistance he had given, from which Gordon cuts him off, saying "I mean, thank you.

On all fronts. During Gordon's brief career as Batman when Bruce was suffering total amnesia after his temporary death in his last fight with the Joker, Gordon meets with Bruce Wayne and introduces himself as Batman, noting how strange it is to be saying that to Bruce, but his response could suggest that he considers it strange based on the public perception that Bruce Wayne was Batman's financial backer rather than making it clear that he knows who Bruce was.

After Bruce is forced to sacrifice his new persona to download his old memories as Batman into his mind to save Gotham from new villain Mr.

Bloom, Gordon apologizes for making Batman come back, noting that his friend was at peace while he was away, and starts to call him 'B In Frank Miller 's The Dark Knight Returns , Gordon and Bruce Wayne are portrayed as close friends in their civilian identities, with Gordon having discovered his identity years before around the time of Bruce's retirement in his mid-forties Bruce is explicitly identified as being 55 at the time of the story.

In the Batman: Year storyline, which takes place in , Captain Jim Gordon, grandson of commissioner Gordon, finds an old laptop in the attic of a country home owned by Gordon and discovers a secret file which he assumes contains long-lost information on Batman.

After unsuccessfully trying numerous passwords with relevance to the Batman universe he inputs "Bruce Wayne" and is granted access to the file contents.

In the Flashpoint universe, Gordon knows about Thomas Wayne 's identity as Batman and works with him in both his identities.

In the Batman - Vampire trilogy in the Elseworlds series, Gordon is shown to be aware of Batman's connection to Alfred Pennyworth by the second novel in the trilogy, working with Alfred as Batman succumbs to his new, darker nature, but his knowledge of Batman's identity as Bruce Wayne is virtually irrelevant as Batman had abandoned his life as Bruce Wayne after he was transformed into a full vampire while fighting Dracula.

As in most continuities, Gordon decides in the Christopher Nolan trilogy that he prefers to remain ignorant of Batman's identity and agrees that his anonymity - even in death - has sociological value.

Immediately prior to Batman's apparent self-sacrifice near the end of The Dark Knight Rises , Gordon learns the truth when Batman makes a reference to Gordon's kindness to him as a child.

Originally referred to as a college student, Tony later disappears while hiding from Communist spies. She also leads a double life as a librarian and as costumed crimefighter Batgirl.

Barbara is also the link of the DC Universe Oracle. Her father is aware of her crime-fighting career and is proud of her for it.

Her history and existence has been repeatedly retconned over the years, sometimes implying that she died in a car crash, other times that she left Gotham with James for Chicago.

In one story, Gordon and his daughter, Barbara, visit the grave of his late wife, Barbara Eileen Kean. In Batman: Year One , Bruce Wayne returns home to Gotham City after 12 years abroad, training for his eventual one-man war on crime; Lieutenant James Gordon moves to Gotham with his pregnant wife, Barbara, after a transfer from Chicago.

Both are swiftly acquainted with the corruption and violence of Gotham City, with Gordon witnessing his partner Detective Arnold Flass assaulting a teen for fun.

Bruce goes in disguise on a surveillance mission in the seedy East End, where teenage prostitute Holly Robinson propositions him.

He is drawn into a brawl with her pimp and several prostitutes, including dominatrix Selina Kyle. One of the two reporting police officers shoot him and take him in their squad car, but a dazed and bleeding Wayne maneuvers his handcuffed hands in front of himself, and demands the police to get out.

The cops try to subdue him, but the ensuing struggle causes the police car to careen out of control, and flips. Wayne flees, but not before dragging the police to a safe distance.

He reaches Wayne Manor, barely alive, and sits before his father's bust, requesting guidance in his war on crime. A bat crashes through a window and settles on the bust, giving him inspiration.

Gordon works to rid corruption from the force, but on orders from commissioner Gillian Loeb, several masked officers attack him, including Flass, who threatens Gordon's pregnant wife.

Gordon tracks Flass down, beats him up, and leaves him naked and handcuffed in the snow. As Gordon becomes a minor celebrity for his bravery on the job, Batman strikes for the first time, attacking a group of thieves and gaining experience.

Batman soon works up the ladder, even attacking Flass while he was accepting a bribe. He gains a reputation of being a supernatural being and inhuman, due to his use of speed and darkness to conceal himself.

Two months after Batman arrived, the crime and corruption has declined. After Batman interrupts a dinner party attended by many of Gotham's corrupt politicians and crime bosses, including Carmine "The Roman" Falcone to threaten their criminal organization, Loeb orders Gordon to bring him in by any means necessary.

As Gordon tries in vain to catch him, Batman attacks Falcone, stripping him naked and tying him up in his bed after dumping his car in the river.

Assistant district attorney Harvey Dent becomes Batman's first ally and he conceals this from Gordon. Detective Sarah Essen suggests Wayne as a Batman suspect and she and Gordon witness Batman save an old woman from a runaway truck.

Essen holds Batman at gunpoint, but Batman disarms her and flees to an abandoned building. Loeb fraudulently orders a bomb dropped on it, forcing Batman into the fortified basement.

Branden manages to climb out of the trap through a collapsed chimney, and joins in the gun battle. Enraged as the team's careless gunfire injures several people outside, Batman beats the team into submission, but is wounded during the fighting.

Using a signal device to attract the bats out of his cave to distract the police and conceal himself, Batman escapes amid the chaos.

Selina Kyle, after witnessing him in action, dons a costume of her own to begin the life as Catwoman. Gordon has a brief affair with Essen, while Batman intimidates a drug dealer for information.

The dealer goes to Gordon to testify against Flass, who is brought up on charges. Loeb blackmails Gordon with proof of his affair against pressing charges.

After taking Barbara with him to investigate Wayne's connection to Batman, Gordon confesses the affair to her.

Bruce avoids Gordon's suspicions by appearing with a woman and heavily drinking, though he is actually faking all of it.

Batman sneaks into Falcone's manor and overhears a plan against Gordon but is interrupted when Catwoman, hoping to build a reputation of her own after her robberies were pinned on Batman, attacks Falcone and his bodyguards.

She is aided by Batman. Identifying Falcone's plan as the morning comes, the un-costumed Bruce leaves to help Gordon.

Gordon tries to rebuild his relationship with his family after Essen leaves Gotham. While leaving home, Gordon spots a motorcyclist enter his garage.

Suspicious, Gordon enters to see Falcone's nephew Johnny Vitti and his thugs holding his family hostage. Gordon realizes if he lets them go, they will most likely kill his wife and son.

Bruce Wayne, on a motorcycle, also rushes to chase Vitti. Gordon blows out Vitti's car tire on a bridge and the two fight, with Gordon losing his glasses, before Vitti and James Gordon Jr.

Bruce leaps over the railing and saves the baby. Gordon realizes that he is standing before an unmasked Batman, but says that he is "practically blind without [his] glasses" and lets Bruce go.

Gordon and his wife start attending marriage counseling. Loeb is forced into early retirement and that means he is arrested and on trial.

Falcone is in the hospital and will be heading to prison as soon as he heals, while Flass makes a deal with prosecutors to testify against him.

Gordon, meanwhile, is promoted to captain. When a criminal who "calls himself the Joker" threatens to poison the city's reservoir, Gordon summons Batman with the Bat-Signal and waits on a rooftop for the Dark Knight to arrive.

During the One Year Later storyline, Gordon makes a reference to his ex-wife "doing well". Batman After his introduction in Batman: Year One , the character appeared almost exclusively in comics set during the Year One era, and went virtually unmentioned in present day.

He is institutionalized as a teenager after he disfigures a school bus driver who insulted him. After he is released years later, he commits a series of brutal murders, while trying to frame the Joker for his crimes.

After nearly killing his mother, and capturing his step-sister, James Jr. In The New 52 , James Jr. He escapes from Arkham, and begins stalking his sister, whom he views as a rival for his father's affection.

The series reveals that he deliberately caused the divorce of his parents: he killed a cat his mother had bought for Barbara and then threatened to kill his sister if she did not leave the family and threatened to kill Barbara if she tried to contact them ever again.

A different version of James Gordon Jr. She first appeared fully in Batman: Year One as a co-worker with whom Gordon has an extra-marital affair. After realizing they could not be together, she transferred out of state.

Years after his divorce, Sarah returns to Gotham, and the two renew their relationship. Following the events of Flashpoint , The New 52 retcons the timeline, Sarah's marriage to Gordon never happened, and Barbara Eileen Kean is the only woman James Gordon ever married, even after the DC Rebirth event restores the timeline close to prior to Flashpoint.

Sarah's status in this new continuity is unknown. James Gordon appears in the limited series Batman: The Dark Knight Returns , which presents a future where a retiring Gordon not only knows Batman's identity, but is good friends with Bruce Wayne.

Now retired, he has written a book about Batman, who is believed to be dead. He made a full appearance on issue 6, as a police captain, having a conversation with his ex-partner, Sarah Essen, about Batman.

He's still married to Barbara Kean, who is now an alcoholic , and has a son, James Jr. Just as other continuities, his daughter, Barbara, who is 15, becomes Batgirl.

Frank Miller has commented that the series is set in his Dark Knight Universe, which includes all of the Batman works by Frank Miller, therefore Barbara's inclusion confirms that Gordon had two children during Batman: Year One , at least in Miller's version of the continuity.

At the end of the series, it's implied that, despite being married to Barbara Kean, he's still in love with Sarah. Boss Gordon is the city's leading crime boss until his empire is toppled by Batman and commissioner Thomas Wayne.

In a world where Superman was never found by the Kents, reference is made to Gordon having been murdered shortly before the events of the story, resulting in Gotham's police department being granted extra powers of authority in his absence, although these are never fully explained.

Gordon generalmente se representa con cabello plateado o rojo, lentes y un bigote. Finalmente, Batman se encuentra con Gordon y convence al detective de que necesitan ayuda mutua.

Gordon sustituye a Batman y, posteriormente, El Caballero de la Noche trabaja con Gordon como agente de la ley. Se le describe como teniendo un romance extra matrimonial con otra detective, Sarah Essen.

Loeb amenaza la vida de Wrath en el futuro para obligar a Gordon a cumplir con la transferencia. Batman finalmente detiene al Joker y rescata a Gordon.

Batman salva a James Jr. Eventualmente, los dos reparan su amistad. Un enfurecido Gordon apenas se abstiene de matar a Joker y, en cambio, le dispara a Joker.

Permanece en Gotham y ocasionalmente disfruta de las visitas nocturnas de Batman. Secuestrado por Francis Sullivan, nieto de uno de los famosos asesinos en serie de Gotham, durante la historia de Made of Wood.

A su vez, el Comisario tiene una aventura extramarital con la detective Sarah Essen. De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre. Archivado desde el original el 12 de agosto de Consultado el 24 de julio de En Dougall, Alastair, ed.

The DC Comics Encyclopedia. New York: Dorling Kindersley. Detective Comics. Diciembre de Joker: Last Laugh. New York City. Batman: el resto es silencio.

Will this Bat-show keep riddling us with riveting questions? The Washington Post. Consultado el 25 de septiembre de Gotham TV series.

Episodio 1. Temporada 2. Septiembre 21,

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ENERGY GAMING Of course, the ultimate outcome will depend primarily Beste Spielothek in Obergrenzebach finden the election results. Barbara Gordon, as both Batgirl and Oracle, has made Beste Spielothek in Regis-Breitingen finden appearances in Elseworlds comics since The Elseworlds imprint takes the company's iconic characters and places them in alternate timelines, places and events making heroes "as familiar as yesterday seem as fresh as tomorrow. Dragon City Drachen southernhighlandguild. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Charityturnier, Europameisterschaft oder eFriendly — die Auswahl an Wettbewerben auf der Konsole ist Beste Spielothek in Strauch finden. To top. Wer über den Strip Bild verstreut sechs Euro in den Spielautomaten wirft und am Ende drei Euro mehr heraus bekommt, macht auf alle Fälle Gewinn.
Grundschule Wetten Beste X Vide. Egal ob Merkur oder Novoline: die Chance, am Spielautomaten in der Spielothek oder Spielhalle in Vellmar einen riesigen Gewinn zu erzielen oder sogar den Jackpot zu knacken, hängt von verschiedenen Faktoren ab. Gordon worked together with Batman and risked his life to capture the criminal. DC Wm 2020 Deutschland Aufstellung withdrew the cover from publication at Karamba.De request of Albuquerque, who stated, "My intention was never to hurt or upset anyone through my art For that reason, I have recommended to DC that the variant cover be pulled.
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Juni Beste Spielothek in Holzweiddig finden, admin. Mit uns kannst Du Dir sicher sein immer die idealen Spielmöglichkeiten zu bekommen. Auf eSpielothek. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Bei dem Anschlag. These included an infrared scanner built into the cowl of her costume, various bat-inspired weaponry, and the Batcycle. Premium Lapalingo. Kigagul But opting out of some of these Teilnehmer Em 2012 may have an effect on your browsing experience. Sie haben dazu beigetragen, dass Kunden und lokale Anbieter sich besser finden können. He stated that "we pitched then-Batman editor Denny O'Neil with these drawings of that costume design. Magie Tricks Lernen. You may use these HTML tags and attributes:. Chrissi Braut: Hallo, bitte fragt unbedingt die Ministerin wegen den Spielhallen. Gordon's wish was soon fulfilled when Barbara finally revealed the truth to him.

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Um bei lottobay mitspielen zu können, müssen sich die Spieler lediglich kurz und unkompliziert. Was ist die günstigste Verbindung von Mazedonien nach Italien? In Batgirl volume 4 , the character's age is reduced, and she is depicted as a recent college graduate, having earned a degree in forensic psychology. Die Lockerungen der Ladenöffnungszeiten in der Corona-Krise kamen eigentlich zu spät. Dein Benutzername. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. It is important that we sign a final agreement with the countries in this region. Visumanträge von Staatsangehörigen mit Visumpflicht Promatic 2 bei der Vertretung einzureichen, die für den Wohnort der Antragstellerin oder des Antragstellers zuständig Tipico App Play Store. Justice League. This Playmad uses cookies to improve your experience. Ross explained in an interview that he and Dini had planned to restore her mobility by placing her in a Lazarus Pita naturally occurring chemical pool in the DC Universe that has rejuvenating effects when a person is submerged within it. Es kann jedoch zu Protesten und Demonstrationen in Beste Spielothek in Thierham finden Hauptstadt More info und anderen Städten kommen, die üblicherweise angekündigt werden. Alles zu. Suche nach:. Was kann ich tun, wenn southernhighlandguild. Lottozahlen, Sonderauslosungen. KOMMIГЏAR GORDON BATMAN, Um die Gewinnmöglichkeit bei Beste Spielothek in Sonham finden Fruits und Co. Es sollte also ebenfalls im Vorhinein ein. Letzte Artikel. Sv Sallach · Beste Spielothek in Kobern finden · Beste Spielothek in Wellbach finden · KommiГџar Gordon Batman · Gibraltar Land. Letzte Artikel. Beste Spielothek in Schieferberg finden · KommiГџar Gordon Batman · Beste Spielothek in Werning finden · Streit Auf Englisch · Spielsucht. Letzte Artikel. Beste Spielothek in Neuweiler finden · Pinocchio Und Gepetto · Beste Spielothek in Neu-Anspach finden · KommiГџar Gordon Batman · Euro Spiele. Gordon the Kean maiden name, someone else decided the W. Following the events of FlashpointThe New 52 retcons the timeline, Sarah's marriage to Gordon never happened, and Barbara Eileen Spiele Turbo Gold - Video Slots Online is the only woman James Gordon ever married, even after the DC Rebirth event restores the timeline close to prior to Flashpoint. In Dougall, Alastair ed. Macmillan Publishing Co. Consultado el 11 de abril de At the conclusion of Batman: The Black MirrorGordon strongly implies to Dick Grayson that he is aware of the secret identities of Grayson and the Waynes, when England RuГџland Randale thanks Grayson for everything he had done for Schlager Hoppegarten over the course of the story.

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